British Library MS Royal 2 B VII, f96v
The Queen Mary Psalter, London, British Library MS Royal 2 B VII, f. 96v

A selection of podcasts, interviews, and press features from the project team.

Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Object Podcast, Monsters and Marvell’s Part III: The Mermaid’s Tale. Podcast on Mermaid history and the Pre-Raphaelite Painter Edward Burne-Jones (2020). SoundCloud. Apple.

National Maritime Museum, Ships, Sea and Stars: Royal Museums Greenwich at Home. Vodcast on Mermaids (2020). Youtube.

Cinderly, The Mermaid Podcast, ‘How Mermaids Protect People From Illness’ (2020). Online. Apple. iHeartRadio. Stitcher. Spotify.

The New Issue. Interview for feature on Mermaids by Antonia Charlesworth. Issue 1.

Old Market Theatre, Hove. Video introduction to The Lure (dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńsk) on the cultural history of mermaids. Part of the British Film Institute’s Musicals Season.

Washington Post. ‘Africa Celebrated Black MermaidsLong Before Disney and #NotMyAriel‘. Interview for feature by Danielle Paquette (2019).

Cinderly, The Mermaid Podcast, S2 E2 ‘Mermaids Through the Ages: Jesus, Queens and Mummies’ (2018). Online. Apple. Google. iHeart Radio. Stitcher. Spotify.

The Spinoff, ‘Why is Fish Sex so Hot Right Now? (Because Apparently It is)‘. Interview for a feature by Megan Dunn (2018).

ABC Radio National, Australia, Late Night Live. Interview, podcast and feature on the history and appeal of mermaids (June 2018).

TalkRadio, The Steph and Dom Show. Interview about the history and appeal of mermaids (May 2018).

The Boston Globe, The Return of the Mermen. Interview for a feature by Con Chapman (2018).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking, Trade, Davos, Ocean Travel and Mermaids (2018).

BBC 3, When I’m in my tail everything else just floats away: the real life mermaids of Britain. Interview for feature by Catriona White (2017).

The Thinker’s Garden, The Mermaid Isles Project. Feature and Interview about the Mermaids of the British Isles Project (2017).

BBC Radio 2, Drive Time with Simon Mayo (2017). Live interview about Mermaids.

Why Do We Love Mermaids? University of Liverpool Podcast, Episode 13 via iTunes and Blubrry.

Radio New Zealand, Nights with Bryan Crump (2017). Interview on Mermaids.

The Conversation. Why we Can’t Resist the Lure of Mermaids (2017).

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, Malcolm Boyden Show (Kate Justice sit in). Live interview about storytelling and folklore (2017).

Dallas Observer. Submerged in Subculture: Inside Plano’s Mermaid School. Interview about mermaids in history and popular culture for an article by Paige Skinner (2017).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking. Five Fantastic Medieval Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking. Being Human Debate at FACT on Man and Animals (2016). Also available as an extended podcast. Feature.

Being Human Festival, Mermaids and the Maritime ImaginaryInterview about Mermaids and the Humanities (2016).

Vice, ‘What’s the Deal with That #MermaidLife thing?’ Interview about Mermaids in popular culture for an article by Lara Williams (2016).

Do Not Disturb, ‘Where the Wild Things May Lurk’. Interview about Mythical Creatures of the British Isles for an article by Benjamin Parker (2015).

BBC Radio 3, Words and Music: Mermaids (1st broadcast 2013; 2nd broadcast 2014).